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Fully automate your PowerPoint, Word or Excel reports quickly and accurately every time. Enterprise is the world’s most advanced and widely used report automation solution for market research. Faster turnaround, increased profitability, greater insight – what are you waiting for?


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Complete Report Automation

E-Tabs Enterprise is a full report automation solution for any and all of your repetitive market research studies with the aim to get you to ‘one click’ final report production (or as close as possible). No other reporting software can automate as much of your reports as Enterprise and the more you automate, the more time you save. See how far you can go with E-Tabs Enterprise.

Study Types

Enterprise is designed to be used on any study, or studies, with repetitive elements such as continuous or tracking studies, syndicated studies, multi-country / region / segment / brand studies, product tests and any repetitive ad-hoc study types. There are no restrictions upon the look and feel of your report and you can even set up all your existing reports for automation. You will be amazed at what can be achieved and just how many of your studies can be produced more efficiently using Enterprise. Just ask any of our clients!

Data Input and Report Output

E-Tabs Enterprise can automate the production of reports from all cross- tab package outputs and is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office. Reports can be created in PowerPoint, Excel or Word and can use multiple sources of data simultaneously. You are able to manipulate and filter the data to easily isolate what you want to chart, round decimals and manage significance letters. So no matter what type of data you use or where you get it from, Enterprise can get you to your final report quicker and more accurately. Happy days!

More Than Chart Population

Don’t be fooled into thinking this software will just populate charts and tables with numbers. It can do so much more than that. Enterprise is able to perform calculations, statistical tests, market research savvy ranking & sorting and conditional formatting of all your charts and tables. You can bring in images and logos, suppress or indicate low bases, automatically remove charts or objects with no data and even distribute the remaining objects evenly on the slide. Do you show significance on a chart in a certain way? Well Enterprise can reproduce that. Basically anything you do manually, Enterprise can automate. And it is often those small yet tedious and time-consuming tasks that eat into your study margins. So it makes perfect sense to let Enterprise take care of them for you –  and real fast too! That’s what we mean by ‘one-click’ final reports.

Report Automation. Automated Reporting.

Key Features

Complete MS Office Suite Compatible

Automate production of PowerPoint, Excel or Word documents

Full Design Control

Complete control of the final look and feel of the presentation. Absolutely no design restrictions.

Easy Data Selection

Point and click data selection wizard

Hyper Speed

Fast production of reports.

Data Agnostic

Use tables from any data tabulation package. Use as many different.

Conditional Formatting

Applying ANY design formatting based on data criteria or conditional logic. E.g if a figure is negative, change font colour to red.

Looping for Multiple Report Projects

Allows for production of multiple reports at a time, e.g multiple countries, brands, regions etc.


Can perform any calculation on the data as it is being populated.

Market Research Savvy Sorting

Rank and sort any chart or table with many flexible options such as force “Other” to bottom or “Brand x” to top.

Significance Testing

Calculate or read significance and display in charts and tables in ANY format, i.e. arrows, letters, circle figure, change colour etc

Align Images/Objects

Automatically place and position images/objects/logos etc depending on a condition.


Create one or multiple slides to act as a “model” for automatic creation of identical slides using different cuts or sets of data.

Flexible Data Selection

Absolute (i.e. row x, column y) or Variable (i.e. “look for row that starts with x”) data selection.

Simple Top or Bottom X Selection

Automatically display top x results such as top 10 brands

Auto Grow/Shrink Charts and Tables

Automatically size a chart or table to accommodate unknown data sets.

Display Base Figures

Easily display base figures

Object Flow

Resize and reposition objects/charts based on a logic and split overflowing tables over multiple slides. I.e. paginating long lists of verbatim.


Automatically change the wording of text pulled from data tables. I.e. for translating languages or abbreviated text.

And so much more!

Data Input Formats

  • XLS / XLSX
  • CSV / TSV
  • XML
  • MTD
  • TXT
  • Word (DOC)
  • PRT
  • TabML & XTabML
  • Tab_
  • OUT
  • XTE
  • QBR
  • ZTE / ZTEX / BTE / ITE / EXL (E-Tabs formats)

Technical Requirements

  • Works with all 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems including Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8
  • Microsoft Office 2000 and above. If using 2007 then Service Pack 2 is required.
  • Minimum recommended PC for optimum performance is a 1Mhz processor with 2 GB RAM
  • A full installation of the software requires less than 50MB of disk space. It is recommended to have at least 100 MB of free space available for temporary working space during use of the application. Project documents may be stored on a different partition/folder to the main executables
  • Am I able to create reports in PowerPoint, Excel and Word?
    Yes, E-Tabs Enterprise supports all three. plus you can instruct Enterprise to automatically PDF your final report too if you wish.
  • Am I restricted in the types of charts I can use?
    No, you are able to automate the production of every chart style available in PowerPoint and Excel.
  • What types of studies can Enterprise be applied to?
    Enterprise can be utilised on pretty much any market research study but is particular beneficial for any studies with repetitive elements. This can include but is not restricted to -
    Product tests
    Repeat/similar ad-hoc
    Customer Experience
  • What kind of input data can Enterprise work with?
    Enterprise can work with cross-tabulated data from any cross-tab or data package. Types of input file types that can be used include:
    -XLS / XLSX
    -CSV / TSV
    -Word (DOC)
    -TabsML & XTabML
    -ZTE / ZTEX / BTE / ITE / EXL (E-Tabs formats)
  • Can I use data from different sources?
    Yes. You can use data from as many different sources as you need and they can also be different file formats.
  • Are the final charts and tables native PowerPoint objects or static images?
    Native. All objects created with Enterprise are native and editable, just as if you had created them manually. In fact there is no way of telling the project has been automated at all.
  • We have customised chart styles, can Enterprise automate these?
    Yes it can. Enterprise can automate any customised or unique chart style you've created. If it's an Office style chart, Enterprise can automate it.
  • Is there a limit on the number of slides in my report?
    Not at all. Your report can be as long or as short as you like.
  • My study changes from wave to wave, is this a problem?
    Not at all. Enterprise is flexible enough to deal with both data changes and report changes.
  • We have changes across different regions/markets, can Enterprise handle this?
    Yes. Enterprise is flexible enough to deal with all sorts of changes, that's one of the reasons why it is the best report automation software.
  • Can Enterprise show significance in charts/tables?
    Enterprise can read significance letters from your tables or calculate significance on its own. With the significance notation, Enterprise can convert that to symbols, shading, or any other formatting you choose.
  • Can Enterprise refresh a report with new or updated data?
    Yes. It is simple to update or refresh a report. Simply point to the new data source and click "run" and your new, up-to-date and correct report is ready with no loss time. It's like having a report safety net.
  • Can you update charts with pre-existing data in it?
  • Can I build my automation using interim or dummy tables?
    Yes you can, which means you can begin the reporting phase of the research cycle much sooner - whilst still in field for example. This means you can deliver reports to your clients much sooner!
  • Do I need a technical or programming background to use Enterprise?
    No. Anybody can use Enterprise although we find the best users are those with good logical thought, have good project knowledge and sound PowerPoint/Excel skills.
  • What kind of help and support is available?
    We have near 24/7 email and phone support through our offices in the Europe, US and Asia Pacific. We utilize phone, email, and web meeting for support.