Easy PowerPoint Charting

For years, market researchers have been manually putting together their PowerPoint reports.

This involves either hand-posting numbers or copy and pasting from Excel data tables into their presentations. Repeating the same tedious steps over and over again, eats into their valuable time that would be better spent analysing the data and finding insights. There had to be a better way!

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E-Tabs Graphique

Think of Graphique as your own personal reporting assistant. Embedded directly within PowerPoint,
Graphique understands the unique charting needs of market researchers.

Simply open your Excel data tables from within PowerPoint itself, and Graphique will then simply drag and drop your desired data
into any PowerPoint chart type.

Graphique also allows you to re-rank your data, add base-sizes, statistical significance testing and question text and so much
more with the click of a button.

Why Graphique?

 Easily pull data from multiple cross-tab files using drag and drop technology.

Clients claim time savings of up to 80%, with Graphique paying for itself on a single project!

Supercharged charting and reporting functionality within your familiar PowerPoint environment.

Use any existing project template and maintain full control of your preferred reporting style, chart types, colours, themes, branding and layouts.

Share your preferred corporate or client chart styles and templates across a team.

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