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In an ever-increasingly sensitive industry, being able to deliver the key insights and telling the story to your clients on time is critical to the success of a project and, in turn, the agency itself. Finding efficiencies in the report…

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Struggling with your data visualization? Don't worry, our data viz team put together a guide to help you start creating engaging and meaningful visualizations. The need to create more visually engaging reports has become ever more compelling. Traditional slides of…

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We are giving away 3 annual subscriptions to our PowerPoint Infographic plugin, Vizualz! Create meaningful infographics at the click of a button. Vizualz is the only PowerPoint plugin that enables you to quickly and easily display your data in an…

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This month, we will be entering the world of Online Dashboards! There is an increasing demand for interactive access to survey results, and many clients and stakeholders are asking for secure and instant visualization of their data online to complement…

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