Online Bulk PowerPoint Charting

Bulk production of PowerPoint Slides and Charts can be a tedious and a very time-consuming task.

Often researchers like to have a chart appendix or “library deck” so they can have a more visual indication of their survey results rather than poring over pages of banner tables. This helps them to then find the nuggets in the data before fine-tuning their story telling.  How about a solution that alleviates all the legwork? A solution that allows you to choose the appropriate chart type for each question - across an entire set of tables - and then generates an entire deck of fully editable charts delivered to your inbox in a matter of seconds....

E-TABS SlideCraft

Introducing SlideCraft - 'The Pick & Mix Slide Generator'

A Cloud-based tool that lets you upload your data into a collection of pre-formatted slides

Simply upload your banner tables to our Cloud platform. Choose your own PowerPoint theme and preferred slide types. Select the desired questions and variables for your charts - SlideCraft will then generate your fully populated, editable PowerPoint deck in seconds. You can choose to automatically include details such as Question text and base sizes, intelligent sorting, stat testing, low base suppression and more.

Why SlideCraft?

Use your existing PowerPoint custom slide designs and themes. Upload multiple corporate or client branded themes for different projects and choose between them when bulk producing your slides. You have the flexibility of including any standard PowerPoint chart type ready to be populated with your selected data.

Use your existing banner tables! SlideCraft accommodates for almost every type of standard table layout. Whether your tables were generated by SPSS, Quantum, Q, Wincross, Uncle, Decipher, or other analysis tools, you can upload Excel workbooks, CSV and XML files to our cloud and then use them to bulk populate entire chart decks with SlideCraft in a matter of seconds.

Users can also connect their own analysis platforms directly to SlideCraft via our API for even greater operational efficiencies and seamless process integration!

SlideCraft converts your uploaded data into customized charts in seconds. Bulk producing PowerPoint slides is usually a time-consuming endeavour but SlideCraft is able to produce hundreds of slides in an instant.

SlideCraft is very intuitive, whether you are a seasoned technician or a computer novice, you can bulk produce PowerPoint slides with just a few clicks. Our onboarding team also offer complimentary training to ensure you can master SlideCraft and see immediately usable results.

Hosted on our secure Azure cloud server, SlideCraft is accessible from anywhere at any time. All you need is a web browser - there's no need for you to install any software and SlideCraft is compatible across all platforms including Mac and Windows.Users can also connect their own analysis platforms via our API!

Choose from a range of subscription options or "pay as you go" to easily incorporate SlideCraft within your budget on an ongoing or project by project basis.

SlideCraft subscriptions can be shared across your whole team or company at no additional cost.

Once generated these standard PowerPoint files can be shared with any number of clients or co-workers without the need for any additional costs or software.

SlideCraft is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers ensuring optimal security and full GDPR compliance and 24x7 accessibility with 99.9% uptime.

Each client has their own dedicated "workspace" to ensure confidentiality.

Users also have the option of choosing preferred server location - e.g. Europe, North America, APAC, etc and how long data is stored, including instant post-production deletion.

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