Graphique PowerPoint Charting

Like most market researchers, you’ve likely had the same experience at one point in your career – trying to manually create a chart using PowerPoint. This often involves either using good old-fashioned and reliable (or unreliable, depending on how you see it) copying and pasting from Excel into the presentation file, or hand-posting the numbers, one by one. Whatever method you may have found yourself favouring in the past, it’s likely that at some point you found the whole process rather tedious and painstaking.

It eats into precious time that you could be spending actually analysing the data and finding those trends and insights.

If that sounds all too familiar, and laborious then we have the solution here at E-Tabs. Let’s explain.

What is Graphique?

Using Graphique is like having your very own reporting assistant. It is embedded directly into PowerPoint, and understands exactly what your charting needs are. It allows you to open up all your Excel-source banner tabulations and even SPSS .sav files via PowerPoint itself, and then drag and drop the relevant data immediately into your preferred charts or tables. You can then automatically re-rank the values, add the question text, statistical significance testing, base sizes and more.

Benefits of Using Graphique!

1 – Say Goodbye to Copy and Paste!

Did you breathe a sigh of relief just reading that heading and imagining a world where you didn’t have to copy and paste ridiculous amounts of dry data into your PowerPoint presentations? More than a dream, it’s a reality when you choose to work with E-Tabs’ products and take advantage of our Graphique tool.

2 – Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

Following on from the above, it’s worth highlighting just how big an impact using E-Tabs Graphique could have on your business. Clients report time savings of at least 80%. That means you could recoup the costs of investing in Graphique after just one project.

3 – Easy to Use and Familiar

E-Tabs Graphique has been designed and developed to be as easy to use as possible. It has also been designed to offer the familiarity of your normal PowerPoint environment, so you won’t have to fiddle around too much to create your highly effective charts.

4 – Offers Flexibility

We understand that as a market researcher or insights team you may have a variety of different project templates that you are working with. That is why Graphique has been developed to offer incredible flexibility. It can be used with any of your existing templates, and you can stick to using the style of reporting and chart types, layouts, branding, themes, and colours you prefer.

5 – Allows for Easier and More Effective Collaboration

Within the market research sector, collaboration is key. You need the input of your whole team, as well as your clients, to make the best decisions on the data you record and use in your charts. With Graphique, collaboration is simple, effective and efficient, allowing you to share and centralise your corporate or client/project specific charting styles and templates, or slide types with the rest of your team or company to maintain consistency.

Up against the clock with tight deadlines?

Graphique enables you to start telling your story before the data is even final!   It’s possible to start the preparation of your deck of slides with interim or dummy data during fieldwork time. When your final data is available, you can then just click the “Refresh” button, and every chart and table is then automatically updated with the new data.  This means that you can deliver projects to clients and stakeholders rapidly after fieldwork completes, with less pressure and time constraints.

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