There is an increasing demand for editable, native PowerPoint & Google Slides exports from online dashboards.

Most BI and Market Research Dashboard platforms can only offer static screenshot exports. This leads to report creators struggling to incorporate dashboard charts and data in their own presentations and even worse, the clarity of the screenshot images tend to be low quality. But what if there was a solution that allows you to export your dashboards into native editable PowerPoint or Google Slides charts with ease from any dashboard platform?


Introducing E-Cloud – Cloud-Based Report Automation

A Cloud based tool that lets you export your dashboard or other analysis platform data into native, editable PowerPoint and Google Slides/Sheets charts

The innovative E-Cloud API allows you to export data from any online dashboard, including popular platforms such as Power BI and Tableau, into fully editable PowerPoint/Google Slides charts and presentations. You can export your dashboard view while it is presenting filtered data, or even auto-iterate through a defined filter-range, enabling you to make fuller use of Dashboard results within your research reporting for greater efficiency and speedier reporting.

The exported slides can be designed to be identical to the Dashboard itself or adjusted to suit any required reporting style, even across multiple slides if desired.


No screenshots here! You can export data from your Dashboard directly into your own templates with fully editable native charts in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Google Slides/Sheets. Every chart, table and textbox that is populated remains fully editable, so you can amend data, change the colours, chart types, labels, etc.
E-Cloud can export from any online dashboard/analysis and BI platform to fully editable charts in PowerPoint and Google Slides/Sheets. Ideal for Power BI, Tableau, or any other online dashboard platform, including bespoke solutions that can connect with our API.
E-Cloud can integrate with more than just dashboards. E-Cloud can receive data from any online platform including survey, analysis tools, Databases and CRMs. With E-Cloud you can populate your predefined PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Google Slides and Sheets templates with any data from any online sources.
With our API integration, an Export button will appear on your Dashboard screen. With just a single click, the end-user can export the dashboards as editable native PowerPoint/Google Slides. Just click the download button, enter an email address, and press submit. Within seconds you will receive an email with your fully populated export via an attachment or download link.
You have complete control over the design of the export template. Choose your preferred template type - from PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Google Slides or Sheets, and design the export template with your own branding - whether you want your slide/slides to mirror your online dashboard design or want to customise it differently the choice is yours. One dashboard screen can be expanded into multiple slides or even a full report if desired.
E-Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers ensuring optimal security and full GDPR compliance and 24x7 accessibility with 99.9% uptime.

Each client has their own dedicated "workspace" to ensure confidentiality.

Users also have the option of choosing preferred server location - e.g. Europe, North America, APAC, etc and how long data is stored, including instant post-production deletion.

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