Case Study: How Feldman Research Utilised Enterprise Cloud

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Who are Feldman Research Lab?

Rich Feldman founded Feldman Research Lab to bring clients his 30+ years expertise of research in the communications and entertainment industries. Feldman Research is centered around strategic consulting, programming, branding research, online research, and dial research studies. Dealing with a huge volume of client studies to analyse and program, the company was finding it difficult to stay efficient and avoid the inevitable pitfall of human error.

The Issue

One of Feldman Research Lab’s clients runs templated pre/post studies to demonstrate the value of advertising on their platform, and tasked Feldman Research Lab with programming, and analysis of the studies, which was projected to be 5-10 studies per month. And in only a short period of time, the volume quadrupled. Although Feldman Research Lab was thrilled with the extra work, the additional analysis and reporting became overwhelming and was a constantly daunting task for a small team. Creating each report involved moving data from Alida – their collection platform, through SPSS and Excel, and then into a PowerPoint template. This manual process took several hours per report and of course, could be error prone!

The Solution – Enterprise Cloud

Online dashboards including PowerBI and Tableau, survey platforms, CRM systems and more, can use an API to send data across to the E-Tabs platform.  Enterprise Cloud then populates the corresponding PowerPoint or Google Slides “template” deck with whatever filtered data the user chose within seconds. The user is then sent their final chart deck via an email attachment or a link to download.

In search of a solution to make their project reporting more efficient, Richard Feldman attended a webinar about Enterprise Cloud which piqued his interest. After a brief exploratory call with E-Tabs, a proof of concept was set up, and Eureka!  Now Rich just uploads his SPSS data files to Enterprise Cloud and his custom PowerPoint template is populated with the new data and returned to him within minutes – a process that used to take 2 hours of painstaking manual effort!   Rich has found it easy and quick for modifications to be implemented, including handling changing reporting needs.

Feldman Research Lab have used the process for over 200 reports and have saved over 500 hours of low-value-added time. Their client is delighted too – their reports are turned around faster and more efficiently.

“I’m expecting to keep using this service for as long as I am working on this project, and I’ve begun trying to tell other clients about the benefits of moving from ad-hoc to templated research in terms of speed and cost reductions.  I could not be happier with the solutions offered by E-Tabs.” – Rich Feldman, Owner, Feldman Research Lab

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