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E-Tabs & Element Market Research Presentation at Quirk’s NYC

At Quirk’s New York last month, E-Tabs’ CEO Benjamin Rietti presented with Element Market Research’s co-founder, Shannan Gabe, and Research Director, Mandy Hall.  Together they demonstrate how report automation allows a small team like Element Market Research do large-scale reporting, just like a larger company.


E-Tabs Enterprise

E-Tabs Enterprise is a unique report automation software built with market research needs at its core, delivering repetitive reports in a fraction of the time. Enterprise operates by automatically extracting data from existing data analysis and tabulation systems and seamlessly transferring it into pre-defined PowerPoint or Google Slides templates and charts. E-Tabs Enterprise has the ability to perform statistical significance testing, sort and re-rank, calculate nets, averages and trends and more. The software can conditionally format the output with colour-coding, reformat text, highlight key values and even automate the positioning of brand logos and indicators.

Shannan Gabe noted in the presentation above that “We can take on a number of these types of studies at one time with confidence that we’ll deliver on our client’s timelines and meet all their report requests, and that has allowed us to continue growing this portion of our business.”

Enterprise has helped Element Market Research:


Shannan Gabe,
Co-Founder, Element Market Research


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