Google Slides Report Automation Webinar

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Facing client pressure to deliver reports in Google Slides or Sheets? Over the last couple of years there’s growing demand and standardisation for Google-based deliverables in the market research industry. Compared however with PowerPoint, reporting in Google Slides is not as user-friendly and described by users as “stressful, tedious, and very time-consuming”.

E-Tabs presents the only Google Slides report automation solution for the MR industry.

In this short webinar learn about the key differences between reporting in PowerPoint and Google Slides and how a unique, ground-breaking solution from report automation specialists, E-Tabs, can literally transform the pain of manual reporting into a euphoric experience!

In this session you will learn:

1) How to automate trackers, multi-market and other repetitive studies in Google Slides

2) Automation isn’t just about updating data, but even brand logos, significance indicators and more

3) How automation can handle variance in brand lists and questions between waves, markets, etc.

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