BUREAU Reporting Service

The ‘hands-free’ approach to reporting and automation where we do the work for you. Whatever your reporting requirements, you can live with peace of mind knowing you will easily meet that project deadline with our help. Let us take up your next reporting challenge with flexible and high quality “local-outsourcing”, without the headaches.


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Hassle-free Reporting

Completing reports accurately, on time and on budget is a constant challenge for the industry. And dealing with outsources who  ‘just don’t get it’ can be frustrating. So avoid the pain by enlisting the services of our experienced market research reporting teams.

Our years of experience in the industry, understanding as to what is required and eagerness to help, combined with the most advanced report automation software available, means the E-Tabs Bureau team can quickly, easily and cost effectively overcome your reporting challenges. Just think how much more relaxed you will feel once you’ve been freed of that regular reporting nightmare.


Our Bureau Reporting team have broad shoulders – broad, experienced, dependable shoulders on which you can confidently unload your reporting tasks. We’ve been successfully helping carry our clients through to deadline after deadline without fuss or fanfare. We’ve dealt with late project changes, errors in data processing, varying brands and markets, shortened timelines, last minute client requests, you name it! And every time we take it all in our stride and out of your worries. We have teams based in the UK, US and New Zealand meaning there is always someone available to talk to you in a language we both understand. That’s why we call it high quality “local-outsourcing”.

“On time, on budget, as agreed and hassle-free” – that’s the motto the Bureau Reporting Service live by.


Humans are amazing creatures and it is our flaws which make us interesting. However when that flaw is inputting 60% instead of 80% in a chart plotting overall satisfaction, the only thing ‘interesting’ is how to explain that grave mistake to an angry client. Bottom line is humans make mistakes, especially during repetitive manual processes. E-Tabs Bureau Reporting Service utilises our advanced report automation software ‘Enterprise’, which not only means we’re lightning quick but also doesn’t make mistakes. If it is correct in your data, it is correct in your report. So you can be certain that a report done by us, is a report done right! Oh and if you do happen to discover an error in your data after final reports are run, no problems. Just send us the updated data and we can run the report off again, no sweat.

  • Does the Bureau service only automate Microsoft PowerPoint templates?
    The quick answer to this is no. We are also able to automate both Microsoft Excel and Word reports too. We also have a dashboard service, which means you can access key reporting metrics live on any web browser.
  • Does the Bureau service work with our version of office software?
    We are able to work with Microsoft templates in Word, Excel & PowerPoint versions 2003 up until the current version.
  • My PowerPoint template is over 500 slides, would you be able to automate this?
    We are able to automate any number of slides within a PowerPoint template. In some circumstances the PowerPoint file may be slow to open and save. If this is the case we often split the PowerPoint file into different projects. This then improves the stability and in some circumstances we can run the project sections simultaneously on different machines. We will then offer you the choice of receiving the automated report in sections or in one file like the original.
  • My report includes sensitive data, how can we be sure this data will remain within closed doors?
    In the bureau service we do not use any third parties. All data that we receive will be stored internally within E-Tabs. We are happy to sign an agreement with yourselves to specify that we will not use any of the data beyond the automation process.
  • My multi-national report is not always in English and uses different characters, are you able to automate this?
    Our bureau team can work with all Unicode characters, so we can automate simple European characters such as umlauts and circumflexes, whilst also being able to automate more technically different alphabets, such as Chinese and Arabic. When working with different languages we may require extra guidance when locating the data and what to expect within the data.
  • My client has only allocated me a limited budget, are you still able to help?
    We always like to know as much as we can about budgets and how we can assist you within it. If we cannot automate the whole report, we can instead review the template and automate partial elements. For example, it is often quicker for us to automate 30 repetitive slides than build 5 totally different ones.
  • My report would consist of 100 identical slide layouts, do I need to provide you with all the slides?
    If all the slides use the same layout, then we would only require one slide. To accompany the single slide, we would require a note of what elements are likely to change. We would then need some guidance of where the data is found for each of the 100 slides.
  • I have a different number of rows in my tables between different data sets. How will you always find the correct location if data is found on a different row?
    99.9% of the time we do not use fixed rows to collect data. We most often locate a table by its unique reference/question text. Our software will scan down a column until it finds the exact reference/question text, and once that anchor point is found we can then pull in the data from the table.
  • I won’t be able to get final data tables until close to my deadline, how can you automate my report in time?
    We like to work well in advance of receiving final data tables. We are happy to work with interim or dummy data as long as the files will remain in a consistent layout to the final data. Working with interim/dummy data will allow us time to check the report is running correctly and iron out any potential problems. Eventually upon receiving the final data, we will need to run the automation and shortly after we will be able to provide yourselves with the final output. Turnaround is dependent on the size of the report. However we strive to provide outputs well within your deadlines.
  • I have different brand lists between my reports, can you still automate this?
    Yes this is certainly possible. When working with variable brands, we always need to know what the maximum capacity is. We build the report to accommodate the max and build in buffers that are then suppressed when the maximum capacity is not met. If brand lists can be provided upfront this is always beneficial.
    When building to a maximum capacity we always ask if there is the possibility of new brands entering the report in future waves. For instance, 10 brands is the max in Wave 1, but is it possible in Wave 2 there could be 11 or more? So when building a project we always take into consideration variation that could occur in the future.
  • I have a tracker study every month and need to add a new wave each time, is this something that can be automated?
    Yes, tracker studies are one of the most beneficial reports we can run for you. The main benefits would be that we would save you time and money each month, than if you did it manually.
    Our software is built to accommodate different scenarios in trackers, whether it is adding a new wave each time with an ever growing tracker. Having a fixed number of waves and suppressing the oldest wave and replacing with the newest wave.
    We are flexible with how you provide the data files, we can work with historical data files that include all the waves. Alternatively, we can work with data files each wave that only contains the current wave.
  • I would like significance testing in my report, but I am unable to get them included in my tables, are you able to complete significance testing on your side?
    Yes, we have the flexibility to apply significance testing for you. If you have a specific formula that you would like us to use, then we can also ensure that this is applied.
  • I would like brands ranked on my slide, I would also like the logos to be rearranged to match the order, is this possible?
    We are able to reposition any object on a slide to a chart or a table. In order to reposition an object, we would require logic. In the example above the logic would be align the logo next to the brand in the new ranked order.
  • I need to apply conditional formatting to some charts and tables in my report is this possible?
    We have a vast experience in executing different conditional formats. We have worked with thousands of templates with different desired conditional formats. We have never found a situation where we could not offer a solution.
    Common conditional formats we work with:
    - Aligning objects such as, arrows or circles around significant figures.
    - Customizing footnotes to display low bases.
    - Colour coding text, cells or bars based on a formula, such as if the figure is 5 above the average then colour green.
    - Ranking data, but excluding some rows to the bottom, such as “Others” and “Don’t Know”
    We challenge you to find a conditional format they we cannot find a solution too.