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Case Study: Moore Information

The research team at Moore Information no longer spends many hours doing data entry and number checking. Instead they use E-Tabs Graphique to simplify and streamline their charting, and are able to deliver quicker and more accurate reports to their clients.

Moore Information is a public opinion research and strategic advice firm, founded in 1981. They have earned a national reputation for excellence in quantitative and qualitative research in politics, public affairs, relations & policy, and government relations. Their research has been instrumental in helping clients win elections, affect public policy, shape corporate images, sell products and advance their objectives. This case study sees Project Manager, Ashley Rollofson talking about Moore Information’s experience using E-Tabs Graphique instant charting tool.

The Reporting Challenges

Moore Information approached E-Tabs as they were faced with the challenge of condensing very large data sets into more easily digestible PowerPoint presentations for their clients. They needed a more streamlined and less time consuming way to produce and deliver these projects in a timely and accurate fashion. Ashley explains,

“Initially, each project required many hours of data entry pulled from hundreds of pages of cross-tabs to produce our presentations. Once the data had been entered by hand, another team member would have to proof all the numbers. It was a tedious and time consuming task that we were looking to simplify and speed up.”


Researcher Benefits

By implementing E-Tabs Graphique, Ashley and the team were able to eliminate the time consuming manual data entry. Graphique provides access to research data directly inside PowerPoint; this allows for easy filtering, selecting, dragging and dropping of data to create or update charts. Also with a library of chart and table styles at the fingertips, it is simple to select the appropriate chart based on the question, project or client requirements.  Ashley talks about the impact Graphique has on their client reporting,

“We have become more efficient with Graphique and it has sped up our chart drafting process. It has also improved our accuracy; we are finding fewer mistakes since we are no longer entering data by hand – we spend less time drafting and less time proofing. A task that once took days now takes hours.”

More streamlined and faster charting, greater accuracy, and less time spent checking numbers; the benefits to the research team are clear.

Client Benefits

In this case, days of work have been saved by Moore Information, but what about any other client specific benefits? Ashley continues,

“We can spend more time looking at the “big picture” of the data, what it all means, instead of spending as many man hours doing data entry. We are able to get clients the data they need faster, which is a huge plus. Clients are often looking for a quick turnaround time for deliverables and Graphique has helped get data into their hands sooner.”

More time to better investigate the data to find key insights, and delivering that insight to the client/stakeholder sooner are both crucial benefits in today’s demanding research world.


Working as Partners

Finally, when implementing new software there are other factors to consider beyond just what the software can do. Does the company provide adequate support? Do they listen to and communicate with their clients? Are they constantly innovating and improving? It is important to enlist the help of a software partner, rather than just a software provider; one that works closely with their clients to ensure continued success. Ashley discusses her experience with E-Tabs as a software partner,

“E-Tabs’ support and communication has been first rate and one of the best features of working with E-Tabs. They are extremely responsive to user needs and are always ready and willing to address any issues, small or large. They are also always looking for ways to improve user experience and are open to feedback.”

What all this adds up to is a harmonious and evolving partnership between research firm and software house, helping to deliver quicker and more accurate reports to satisfied clients. It can be described as a ‘win-win-win’ situation, and this success is something Ashley and the team at Moore Information continue to look forward to,

“Due to Graphique’s ease of use, efficiency and accuracy, and the support team behind the software, we plan to continue working with E-Tabs well into the future.”

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