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Kantar NA’s Catalyst: Plagued by PowerPoint

As with many other research companies globally, Kantar NA’s charting, research and operations teams were struggling immensely with the arduous, time consuming and inefficient process of manual data-pulling into PowerPoint deliverables – a dreaded process you might know to be nail biting at best.

Prompted by this infuriating issue, Kantar NA cautiously set out on a quest to seek out innovative reporting methods that would transform the very nature of their reporting.

Kantar NA was introduced to E-Tabs Enterprise and never looked back.

After deciding to utilise E-Tabs Enterprise, Kantar NA has been provided with premium report automation services – and with peace of mind – for over 16 years. E-Tabs Enterprise is a constant companion of Kantar NA’s many charting, research and operations teams, who use it to deliver hundreds, if not thousands of projects including many complex trackers and multi-market studies.

 ‘E-Tabs Enterprise is acknowledged as the world’s most advanced and widely used report automation software for the market research industry’.

 A bold statement. However, capable of automating even the most detailed of PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Google Slides, Sheets and PDF reports with 100% accuracy and stunning speed, Enterprise has deservedly earned its impressive title and retains its position as the positively unmatched, undisputed leader of automation software.

Unsurprisingly, Kantar NA was absolutely astounded by the numerous benefits offered by E-Tabs Enterprise: user-friendly interface, ease of deployment – no programming skills necessary. Additionally, the possibility for totally limitless custom visualisations is owed to the brilliant fact that any native PowerPoint chart or element can be automated, thereby facilitating an incredibly speedy learning curve and granting Kantar the invaluable ability to automate their many legacy projects with historical data, too.

Endless opportunity, endless benefits.

Automation in Action: Saving Time, Saving Costs

Step 1:

Kantar NA’s first step when initially exploring their utilisation of Enterprise focused exclusively on automating highly templated reports with 100% consistency and formatting raw data into more favourable formats for their internal analysis tools.

Step 2:

As Kantar NA became more familiar and gained expertise, they used Enterprise to automate as many projects as possible – leveraging the efficiency and accuracy gains that Enterprise brings.

Step 3:

Kantar NA’s dynamic decision to begin automating complex multi-market tracking studies – and more – led to staggering time savings. Hours in the bank were overtaken by the days saved in production time on every project, allowing Kantar NA to deliver insights to their clients at record-breaking speed.

Incredibly, Kantar clocked an incremental annual saving of 17,000 hours, on average. This seemingly impossible feat is undoubtedly owed to their continued investment in E-Tabs Enterprise’s cutting-edge, unbeatable automation software and is testimony to the fundamental part that automation plays in delivering client-ready reports.

Reaping the many benefits of Enterprise, Kantar NA continues to make strides with the accompaniment of automation – an indispensable component in its current report production strategy. Now with the additional ability to populate editable Google Slides and with the launch of E-Tabs’ Cloud-Based Platform integrated with PowerBI to enhance PowerPoint exporting, the opportunities are infinite.

With E-Tabs Enterprise, Kantar NA has succeeded in its quest to transform. No complexities, no complications, only ease and efficiency.


E-Tabs’ services have helped KANTAR NA save an enormous amount of time on report creation:

“Incredibly, Kantar clocked an incremental annual saving of 17,000 hours, on average.”

Kristina Feltz,

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