Case Studies

Bureau Reporting Service

Our four-year relationship with E-Tabs Bureau has been exceptional.  The team at E-Tabs has aided us in a variety of automation projects involving lengthy reports based in both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, summarizing complex hierarchical data with multiple subgroups.  They have provided thoughtful guidance at every step: assisting us in scoping projects, executing complex work with a high degree of quality control, and patiently iterating and revising as we improved our reports.  The team is responsive, flexible, and undaunted by challenges.  They have provided faithful cost estimates and have frequently delivered projects ahead of schedule.

With the help of the E-Tabs Bureau and the Enterprise software package, we were able to reduce production time for our reports approximately fivefold and reduce errors and inconsistencies in report production, even while we expanded to serve more clients and add new types of reporting to our offering.  Spending less time on report generation allows our team to focus on enhancing our clients’ experiences: we have more capacity to engage with clients and help them interpret the findings, rather than spending countless hours building reports manually and resolving discrepancies.

Beyond producing excellent work, the E-Tabs team has been a delight to work with: every interaction is agreeable and friendly.  E?Tabs has been more than a vendor; they’ve been a true partner in helping us build high-quality, efficient reporting systems.

Caredwen Foley – Associate Manager, Data and Operations