Report Automation Enterprise

Step into 2021 with Automation!

2021 is here! It is imperative to be more efficient now more than ever. Enterprise is the worlds most advanced and widely used report automation tool, capable of automating the toughest PowerPoint, Word, Excel or PDF reports quickly and with 100% Accuracy.

Why you should use Enterprise?

  • Market Research Friendly –  Enterprise can read in any industry-standard tabulation files; Excel, SPSS, Dimensions, Quantum, Wincross, Uncle, Mentor, Q, and more! 
  • Multiple Data Sources – For any given project, Enterprise can pull data from an unlimited number of source files at the same time, and even combine those values into the same chart.
  • Your Existing Report LayoutsThe Enterprise approach enables any existing PowerPoint deck, Excel workbook or Word report to be used as a template for subsequent automation.
  • Dynamic CalculationsNo nets or stats in your original tables?  Not a problem, Enterprise can calculate them all dynamically as needed.  Comparing trends, sums, averages, stats – choose from the built-in library of standard statistic tests or use your own formulae. 
  • Conditional Formatting – Enterprise can adjust the formatting of your reports based on the fluctuations within your data on each and every output.  For example, automatically colour charts based on branding or data value. Automatically position brand logos, flags, indicators or other icons and images onto a chart or within a table.
  • Multi-Level Reporting – Enterprise can generate multiple sub-reports from a single template and handle variance between them. The result will be a set of reports that will look customized without all the manual effort.


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