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Case Study: Insight Strategy Group

Company Background

Insight Strategy Group is a market research and strategy firm that inspires its clients to build innovative and impactful experiences for their consumers. Insight has 15 years of market research experience and specializes in the entertainment and retail industries. We use both quantitative and qualitative approaches to uncover deeper truths about consumer behaviour that helps clients make confident business decisions.

What were the research needs E-Tabs Enterprise was addressing?

Each quarter, Insight needed to generate a report appendix of over 500 slides, with each slide containing tons of data and trends. Prior to using E-Tabs, Insight staff would manually copy/paste the slides and enter in the data by hand. This process took 8 staff members over 3 weeks to complete, including data checking and corrections. By switching to E-Tabs, these appendices could be generated much faster and with fewer staff.

What were the benefits provided by using E-Tabs Enterprise?

Since we need to generate this appendix on a quarterly basis, E-Tabs enabled us to generate the report with fewer team members and with fewer man hours. As such, project profitability improved. E-Tabs easily saved Insight hours of work – plus sanity – than manually creating these slides!

In addition, E-Tabs is another skillset that Insight can offer potential clients, especially when discussing large-scale or longitudinal projects.

Insight employs talented researchers, so it was frustrating and inefficient for staff to spend their time on mindless data entry. After using E-Tabs, project members are more fulfilled and satisfied with the use of their time for more intellectual purposes.

How have you found the E-Tabs support and communication?

E-Tabs support and communication are excellent! They are responsive to client questions, problems, and needs, no matter how massive or trivial the issue. They are also very pleasant to work with and genuinely want to see clients succeed with the software.

E-Tabs also provide ongoing webinars to help people learn and practice the technology, which is helpful.

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