Data Visualization Vizualz Webinar

Bring Your Reporting To Life With Instant PowerPoint Infographics

Ensuring that your research data is more visually engaging and easily grasped is more important than ever. Data Visualizations such as proportional infographics, gauges, maps, wordclouds and more, allow you to express the data in a way that’s often easier to comprehend than just typical PowerPoint charts and graphs.

In this webinar, Benjamin Rietti outlines the importance of effective data visualization, and why the unique Vizualz plug-in for PowerPoint is the ideal tool to help you get creative with your data and enhance your presentations and deliverables.

Key takeaways include:

– Learn how effective an infographic or visualization can be to highlight key values and insights.
– How easy it can be to create stunning data-driven visualizations and infographics.
– How to impress your audience with more engaging reports with minimal effort.

Time zones:

London (BST) – 16:30pm

New York (EDT) – 11:30pm

Chicago (CDT) – 10:30am

CEST – 17:30pm

The Webinar has now passed, you can watch the recording here.

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