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We’ll be there!

We’re excited to announce our 2022 conference tour beings with Quirks Chicago taking place April 11th-12th! The two day event will be taking place at the Sheraton Grand, Chicago.

As always, our friendly staff will be on hand at booth 701 to talk Report Automation, Data Visualization, Dashboards and PowerPoint Charting. We will be showcasing the recently launched Enterprise Cloud, capable of producing editable PowerPoint/Google Slides exports from online dashboards such as PowerBI, Tableau and more.

Super excited to announce that on day 1, in room 4 @ 12, we will be presenting at Quirks Chicago alongside Kristina Feltz, from Kantar! Session details below!

Taking automated charting to the next level: How Kantar leveraged report automation to drive huge reporting efficiencies

Description: With technology developing faster than ever, businesses are compelled to keep up with the latest innovations just to remain competitive. For many, automated charting is becoming the norm,  but there’s somewhat “automated”, and then there’s FULLY automated reporting.  In this presentation with Kristina Feltz from Kantar, we delve into their automation journey, to understand how their automated charting was taken to the next level. 

Key Takeaways Include: 

– Delving into Kantar’s report automation journey, understanding their motivation to use automation. 

– How automated reporting boosted their reporting efficiencies. 

– Leveraging automated charting to include fully editable outputs from Dashboard platforms such as PowerBI & Tableau. 

For more information on Quirks Chicago, visit the website here.

We look forward to meeting you all at the event!

Here are a few pics from our last outing @ a Quirks Event 🙂

Quirks Chicago Quirks Chicago Quirks Chicago

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