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More actionable insight

My client is demanding more actionable insight, but there are only eight hours in the day!

Having attended a raft of market research conferences recently, many of the same topics were presented in papers (albeit in a different language perhaps!). However, every conference had several papers on the need to generate actionable insight.  Clients are demanding from their agencies – and internal insight teams – more genuine business-decision-changing insight with their reports.  This need for greater insights and more storytelling, rather than just delivering numbers, is all well and good, however, this aspect takes a huge amount of time in the research process.

To produce more actionable insight means dedicating more time and resources. Unfortunately, time is something of a premium in the life of a researcher, however, finding more time to tell the story to the client is key to delivering a strong project.  So how can researchers find more time to hone a project’s key story and delve deeper into the insights?

Of course, one way is to add more ‘time’ to a project and charge it to the client – however, in a highly price competitive environment, there is a risk of losing the project to a ‘cheaper’ bid.  So, an alternative way is needed to generate more storytelling time…

Finding time efficiencies in the operational processes would give researchers time back to reallocate to the insight discovery.  Utilizing relative ‘dead’ time, such as while a project is in field, is a simple way to claw back time. Our solutions allow you to build reports using interim data and simply refreshing the report with the latest data once fieldwork is closed.  In the case of a particular report heavy project, with many reports being produced off the back of the project, our report automation solution would mean the researcher would be spending less time charting and more time analyzing.

One client I spoke to recently had a project which required 50 individual reports to be made, which would take on average a day each to produce.  Through our report automation solution, they were able to cut the charting time down from 50 days to 1.5 days – over 9 business weeks back to reallocate.  On average, we see our clients ‘get back’ between 65-85% of the time it would take them to produce their reports manually. Whether the project is a single-deliverable report or a repetitive study, we can help give you back the time needed to tell more successful stories and more actionable insight to your clients.  Hundreds of agencies and insight teams around the world are already doing just that – why miss out?

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