Enterprise Report Automation

Challenge us!

Are you looking to boost efficiency, ensure accuracy and create time for more analysis? Automating your reports in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF and now Google Slides will leave you with more time to focus on uncovering the nuggets of insight buried within your research data!

Built with them market research industry in mind, E-Tabs pioneer the world’s most advanced, and widely used report automation software, capable of automating the most complex of projects. Whatever type of study – whether it’s a one-time multi-market or multi category/segmentation study, continuous tracker, KPI scoreboard, or concept test we can automate any ‘repetitive’ type project, with 100% accuracy.

Challenge us! Whether your data is in Excel, SPSS, Wincross, Uncle, Q or any other industry standard file, and no matter how complex your charting/reporting requirements are, we’re sure to have a solution that will typically reduce report building time by upto 80%.

We offer automated reporting either through a software license for you to use, or via our own service team who can do the automation for you.

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