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Benefits of Implementing Report Automation

Do you want to make your reporting process more efficient?

One of the best ways to do this is by using report automation. As well as helping you to avoid the error prone and laborious task of re-typing data into PowerPoint, report automation is also incredibly effective at saving hours, days and even weeks of manual reporting.

Whether this is the first time you are hearing about it —or you have been on the fence about it in the past— we have put together a list of some of the biggest benefits you can gain from implementing report automation.

Saves Your Company Time

How many hours do you think you or your staff spend working on reports manually?

Take a repetitive study for example, like a tracker or multi market project. Report automation only needs to be set up once and then you’re good to go, meaning you and your team save a lot of time that could be better spent on further analysis and adding value to projects. For a tracker that means subsequent wave reporting can be completed in minutes.  For a multi market project, once set up, each country deck will be populated in minutes…

Saves You Money

Sometimes, when the budget is tight, you may feel the need to do all the work yourself, or to keep it within your own team, in order to save on unnecessary expenses. One expense that may not feel worth it is innovation. Despite this, it is important to realise that report automation is an investment rather than a one-off expense.

Increased Accuracy

Manual keying in data is naturally error prone. Often staff have to spend long hours – even into the night – under pressure to get reports out. Automation takes the data directly from the source data files and therefore you are assured of the greatest accuracy in the reporting. Not only that but the production speed is on another level!

Attract Clients

Whether your business or team is large or small, using report automation can help you attract new business. Automation means you can produce more for less cost and be more competitive. Additionally prospective clients appreciate knowing you are serious about innovating and investing in tools that replace menial tasks with more time to leverage your analytics skills and time for more insights.

Give Your Business a More Professional Feel

Staff appreciate it when you invest in them. Giving them the tools to make their work more engaging and enjoyable results in a happier team.

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