Tag: Vizualz From Data to Storytelling: Crafting Compelling Narratives with PowerPoint

The impact of Data Visualization in business and industry In today’s data-driven world, the ability to convey information effectively is crucial. But raw data alone often fails to resonate with audiences and key decision makers in the boardroom. This is where the art of storytelling and data visualization comes into play. Storytelling and data visualization […]

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Bring Your Reporting To Life With Instant PowerPoint Infographics! Date: 23rd May 2024   I    Time: 4:00PM London, 11AM New York Presented by: Benjamin Rietti, CEO, E-Tabs Join us on Thursday 23rd May to discover how you can elevate your reporting with instant PowerPoint infographics! Ensuring that your research data is more visually engaging and […]

PowerPoint Data Visualization With Vizualz: Get One Month Free!

How Effective is Data Visualization? We’ve all encountered those data-heavy reports that leave us feeling disengaged and overwhelmed. This often leads to crucial insights falling through the cracks. Now picture the same data presented in pie charts, graphs and word clouds! Much more effective right? 63% of business leaders believe data visualization helps them identify […]

The Importance of Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization? Data visualization changes the way we look at and analyze information using visual components such as graphs, charts and maps. By injecting organic data into lively, graphical presentations, we can better understand and access the trends, patterns and anomalies in any given data. Basically, it makes our life easier. Why use […]

Bring Your Reporting To Life With Instant PowerPoint Infographics

Bring Your Reporting To Life With Instant PowerPoint Infographics Ensuring that your research data is more visually engaging and easily grasped is more important than ever. Data Visualizations such as proportional infographics, gauges, maps, wordclouds and more, allow you to express the data in a way that’s often easier to comprehend than just typical PowerPoint […]

We were nominated as a top Data Viz company by Welp Magazine!

We were nominated as a top Data Visualization company by Welp Magazine! Have a read of their article which showcases some of the most popular players in the Data Viz industry. You can read more here. At E-Tabs we have a range of software/services dedicated to Data Visualization. Our dashboard service team can help design, […]

Did you know?

Did you know? VIZUALZ continues to improve which allows the user to unleash their inner data designer! VIZUALZ, our infographic plugin for PowerPoint, now allows you to take full control of your visuals by allowing you to import your own images and icons, which you can use to create a visual! This continues our mission to give […]

“You Asked… We Listened!”

Kick start the report building process! By popular demand, E-Tabs are excited to announce the launch of SLIDE TEMPLATES in Vizualz. Our revolutionary infographic plugin for PowerPoint continues to improve, allowing for you as market researchers to bring your presentations to life with our stunning new range of slide templates!  SLIDE TEMPLATES was developed in response to feedback from our […]

Spotlight On Consultancy

This month we’re chatting with Russ Budden, Head of Consultancy Tell us a bit about E-Tabs Consultancy and what you do? First and foremost, we are here to help. We want to find out how your team operates – the types of reports and presentations you do, the building processes, the amount of time it […]

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