Tag: Enterprise Enterprise Cloud – Editable PowerPoint Export

Are you looking to generate EDITABLE PowerPoint charts / Excel reports from your online dashboard or CRM systems? Enterprise Cloud is a cloud-based report and chart automation platform that can accept data from anywhere, and then populate a native PowerPoint or Google Slides ‘template’ deck including fully editable charts and tables. Online dashboard products, including […]

A first for the integration of automating market research data & Google Slides

An Industry First – Fully Automated Charting & Reporting in Google Slides! Hailed as a first for the integration of automating market research data and Google Slides, reporting solutions provider, E-Tabs have announced the launch of Google-charting integration within their report automation platform, E-Tabs Enterprise. Until this point, many research providers were limited to providing […]

Enterprise & Google Slides

Enterprise & Google Slides Over the past few months, the E-Tabs development team has been working on integrating our report automation software, Enterprise, with the Google Suite. This new development will enhance E-Tabs Enterprise’s leading platform for the automation of Market Research reporting in Microsoft Office. This decision to integrate Enterprise with the Google Suite […]

Taking Automated Charting and Reporting To The Next Level

Taking Automated Charting and Reporting To The Next Level Join our upcoming Automation webinar presented by Benjamin Rietti! Find out how you can be more efficient with your charting and reporting. Taking place on Wednesday May 12th at the following times: London 4:30 BST New York 11:30 EDT Session Description  Budgets tightened and profit margins […]

Automation can handle variations!

Automation can handle variations, by Jon Hackenbroch When working with multiple output projects, one of the key points to clarify before starting any automation is to check for any variation between reports or slides. While you may feel a questionnaire is identical between markets, there can be a number of things that will create a […]

Enterprise and Google Connect

E-Tabs Enterprise and Google connect! Coming soon, you will be able to automate your Google Slides with Enterprise! This is what Rob Gravestock, Enterprise Product Manager, had to say on the connection. “It’s a very exciting time for our Enterprise users, this is the first time we have extended to a totally new application suite […]

Challenge Us!

Challenge us! Are you looking to boost efficiency, ensure accuracy and create time for more analysis? Automating your reports in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF and now Google Slides will leave you with more time to focus on uncovering the nuggets of insight buried within your research data! Built with them market research industry in mind, […]

E-Tabs and ESOMAR Webinar!

E-Tabs and ESOMAR Webinar Join our ESOMAR webinar on Tuesday 2nd March, and learn how to maximise efficiency with automation! Abstract – Many research teams and companies are facing tighter budgets and resourcing issues. It is imperative to be efficient now more than ever. Finding efficiencies in the report building process not only gives you […]

Automate Your Reports!

Automate Your Reports, by Jon Hackenbroch When thinking about automating projects the first reaction is often to think of the hardest, most time-consuming project. While this can obviously have the greatest return on the investment, we shouldn’t forget the simpler quicker win projects, as automation of these can also offer great benefits. I always recommend […]

Step Into 2021 With Automation!

Step into 2021 with Automation! 2021 is here! It is imperative to be more efficient now more than ever. Enterprise is the worlds most advanced and widely used report automation tool, capable of automating the toughest PowerPoint, Word, Excel or PDF reports quickly and with 100% Accuracy. Why you should use Enterprise? Market Research Friendly […]

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