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WIN World Survey Dashboard, Presented by E-Tabs

E-Tabs are once again delighted to collaborate with WIN to report the annual WIN survey.

WIN, the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research and Opinion Poll, is a global network conducting market research and opinion polls in every continent, and the WIN World Survey (WWS) is the international survey carried out by WIN every year, with the purpose to measure people´s thoughts, expectations, worries, and perceptions.

Since its first edition in 2018, the WIN World Survey investigates a range of topics relevant to society, institutions, and businesses. In the latest edition (2020), data about Gender Equality, Health, Climate Change and Technology were further investigated, while other new sections were included, namely Covid19 and the Vaccine and a focus on sustainability.

The need to convey the data in the most effective way, to reach citizens, businesses and institutions, brought WIN to collaborate with E-Tabs for the development of a new and updated dashboard.

Benjamin Rietti, CEO of E-Tabs says, “We are proud and excited that WIN has chosen E-Tabs to be their strategic partner for online reporting for a 3rd consecutive year.  The E-Tabs Dashboard service enables this extremely valuable, global survey data to be visualized and accessible to anyone.”

Increasingly more media outlets and institutions, as well as renowned scientific journals, are mentioning or publishing articles about WIN’s results.

Vilma Scarpino, President of WIN International Network, says, “E-Tabs expertise met our need to create an effective and valuable tool to spread our data and raise awareness about meaningful topics. The added value of the research is its capacity to cover such a wide range of countries and cultures. E-Tabs understood the value behind the data and developed and effective tool that allows comparisons between countries, population’s characteristics and years.”

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