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We are delighted to announce that E-Tabs’ Bureau Reporting Service team has been awarded with ‘Highly Commended’ in the MRS Oppies ‘Best Support Services’ category. The MRS Operations Awards, or ‘Oppies’ as they have become affectionately known, are now in their ninth year! Such a prestigious award to be part of and the team are buzzing. Our dashboard team previously won this award in 2017!

The E-Tabs Bureau provides a highly responsive report automation service to the global MR  industry.  This service saves clients – both agency and end-user alike – an enormous amount of time and effort, swapping costly, monotonous and error-prone manual reporting, with a highly precise automated alternative.

Always innovating, the team keeps up to date with the unique, and yet ever-evolving requirements of the MR industry. With their ability to automate even the most demanding reporting needs – in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF and recently Google Slides/Sheets – they support the success and efficiency of a research company’s operations and ultimately ensure the satisfaction of the end-client and their stakeholders.

Over the past year, the bureau reporting service has already supported over 150 client projects – ranging from hugely repetitive one-time chart decks, continuous/tracking studies to complex multi-market projects. In many cases E-Tabs fill a void left by the effects of reduced or challenged resources due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once a project is commissioned, each client is assigned their own dedicated PM who oversees the initial consultation, automation setup and ultimately, delivery.  Although most project work is done via our UK headquartered team, additional E-Tabs team members are stationed across 4 continents, ensuring global support, optimal responsiveness, and project turnaround.

Our highly experienced team understands each client’s requirements, making the process seamless. As an example, the assigned PM for GWI has worked with their team for 5 years, to the point that they effectively act as a virtual extension to their team.  Priding ourselves on quick turnaround, clients can safely concentrate on further analysis time, as opposed to hand-typing numbers.  Subsequent report updates are lightning fast. For example, Swisscom have 3 quarterly projects, each with 50 slides which we update and send back within the same day as receiving the data.

We take incredible pride in relieving the stress our clients face with the prospect of manual reporting. For Publicis, we recently delivered 5 core projects for 2 waves, with each project consisting of 53 reports. Totaling a huge 30,268 slides! With the support of the E-Tabs Bureau service, project turnaround time was slashed, enabling insights to be delivered to their clients at breakneck speed, with optimal accuracy, and maximum efficiency. After an initial setup of 2-3 weeks, each report deck then takes just 5 minutes to run. If this were done manually, the project reporting would have taken approximately 60 weeks!

Clients frequently work to tight deadlines, with projects often requiring last minute changes. We guarantee a highly flexible service, so that we can meet those tight deadlines and ensure our client satisfaction.

Maintaining a close relationship with our clients is of paramount importance ensuring they can leverage the maximum possible return and value from our services.

With a set of clients ranging from the smallest, to the largest multi-national research companies, as well as Ad agencies and insight teams from brands themselves, we present supporting statements from a selection, including Publicis, GWI and Swisscom as evidence to support our application.

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