Webinar Report Automation Enterprise

Taking Automated Charting and Reporting To The Next Level

Join our upcoming Automation webinar presented by Benjamin Rietti! Find out how you can be more efficient with your charting and reporting.

Taking place on Wednesday May 12th at the following times:

London 4:30 BST
New York 11:30 EDT

Session Description 

Budgets tightened and profit margins squeezed. It is imperative to be efficient now more than ever. Finding efficiencies in the report building process not only gives you back time to reallocate to more “storytelling” time, but also to help ensure a report’s accuracy. However, for many agencies and insight teams, manually created reports are still the norm and hundreds of hours are spent creating them. E-Tabs has been at the forefront of market research report automation for over 25 years now and so are well equipped to help save that time!

Key takeaways

– A comprehensive summary of why MR companies and Insight teams need to be looking into automation now more than ever.
– Why automation isn’t “just for trackers” and can boost profit margins on any project type.
– Some useful tips and tricks on how to be as efficient as possible with your automation.

The webinar has now passed, you can view the recording here.