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An Industry First – Fully Automated Charting & Reporting in Google Slides!

Hailed as a first for the integration of automating market research data and Google Slides, reporting solutions provider, E-Tabs have announced the launch of Google-charting integration within their report automation platform, E-Tabs Enterprise.

Until this point, many research providers were limited to providing stakeholders and clients with chart decks in Google which were either painstakingly created manually or which were converted from PowerPoint and could not be edited natively in Google. However, E-Tabs’ revolutionary interconnectivity means even the most complex of charting and reporting requirements can be automated directly from survey data with the flexibility of fully editable objects.

The E-Tabs Enterprise platform has traditionally only automated charts and reports in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF but with Google Slides and Google Sheets now added to its repertoire, all standard formats of deliverable are now automatable with maximum flexibility, efficiency, cost and time savings.  Enterprise can accept data from a range of industry-standard sources including Excel, banner tables, online connections, and SPSS SAV files.

 Kara Wampler from LRW commentedGoogle Slides is often not as user-friendly as PowerPoint, but E-Tabs was able to automate the population of massive data tables across several slides. There were many complex layers to the data, not just populating numbers, but also populating arrow icons as well as colour coding for multiple layers of stat testing, referencing dozens of tables in the process. Not only was E-Tabs reasonable and responsive, but they were also incredibly accurate and delivered quickly. They also asked all the right questions to ensure we are setup to quickly update these slides in the future if the need arises. They saved our team countless hours and helped us ensure we delivered a high-quality product to our clients”.

 E-Tabs CEO, Benjamin Rietti is thrilled with this innovation “Google slides is an increasingly popular requirement, and we are extremely proud to be able to provide automation for these projects in our cutting-edge E-Tabs Enterprise platform with full Google certification for the connection. I am extremely proud of our development team and their sterling efforts to achieve this pole position for the industry. Our clients have remarked how pleased they are too, with the flexibility now to create Microsoft Office and Google Suite projects in a single platform”.


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