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The market research world is extremely cluttered. Within the ESOMAR directory alone there are 1,600 major research organizations listed and that doesn’t take into account the number of small research consultancies globally (the Independent Consultants Group has itself over 300…


Report automation in market research can come in a number of different forms, with the use of macros being one of them. However there are a number of limitations that may not be always be considered. Having spoken to many…

Charting & Reporting

A solar eclipse is a pretty awesome sight and definitely one worth seeing in your lifetime. If you live in the States there’s a solar eclipse on the 23rd August. Don’t live in the US but want to see an eclipse?…

Data Visualization

Having attended a raft of conferences this year, I see countless presentations delivered where the theme is the need for market research to fight for its place at the ‘table’ and integrate itself more into an organization. However, little is…


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