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  • “On just one multi- country study we reduced the time spent charting from 10 days per country to 3 days! Multiply this over a number of countries and you very quickly save months of resource time and energy.”

    Senior Research Executive, Research International, South Africa

  • "After implementation of E-Tabs we can confirm that the rewards far outweigh the initial outlay. These are a few examples of how we've recovered our investment in E-Tabs again, and again, and again."

    Director, Data Delivery, Ipsos MORI, UK

  • "We have successfully automated this otherwise daunting project using E-Tabs Enterprise. As a result, we achieved savings of 60% on our manual charting budget in the first year and we hope better that next year with around 70% savings."

    Associate Client Service Director, Millward Brown, France

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