Some of our friends showing us a bit of love…..

  • “E-Tabs Enterprise proved different to the run-of-the-mill solutions on offer.”

    Vaughn Ravenscroft, Chief Information & Development Officer, Ipsos Mori, UK

  • “E-Tabs have been very responsive and are always available to answer queries on the dashboard.”

    Chris Dean, Senior Research Executive, Sponsorship Intelligence, London

  • “E-Tabs was the resounding voice of being the industry leader,”

    Laura Muczynski, Account Manager, Gongos Research USA

  • "Many thanks to your support team, they do a great job! If there would be an award 'Support Team of the Year', they definitely would have my vote..."

    Philipp Luthiger, Senior Projektleiter Analytics, Switzerland

  • “For large tracking studies, E-Tabs is the best automation tool. It helped us achieve accuracy, speed and more beautiful reports. We were able to focus on value add insights instead of spending time on data queries and population.”

    Adewale Obaseki, Country Head, TNS RMS Ghana

  • “E-Tabs has been instrumental in streamlining our charting processes. Although we initially invested in the software purely for tracking projects, we have found that it can also be utilised on ad-hoc type projects. E-Tabs has enabled us to execute projects more profitably and quicker than in the past. We have on more than one occasion through the use of E-Tabs been able to meet deadlines that would have been missed were it not for E-Tabs.”

    Marius Kleynhans, Statistical & Data Processing Manager, South Africa

  • “We are again very satisfied this year. John Paul was so fast and flexible with the reports. Fantastic! We hope to work with you again next year on this project.”

    Felix Hellmeyer, Ipsos Loyalty, Germany

  • "There always seems to be a way to make the idea in our heads come alive in Enterprise. It just blows my mind”

    Alisa Farley, Millward Brown, USA

  • “The support we have needed has always been available and E-Tabs have continued to meet and exceeded our automation requirements.”

    Laura Pienkowski, Statistical Specialist, The Pert Group, USA

  • "We have been working with E-Tabs for the past 3 years, using them for various projects implying the production of standards reports. We have found in E-Tabs a very professional team which is of great help to our business since once the template of the report as well as the way to “Fill it in” is set, it takes them less than a couple of hours to deliver some complex PowerPoint with more than 200 pages. We can only highly recommend them."

    Melanie Burnier, Partner COO, M1nd-Set, Switzerland

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