Some of our friends showing us a bit of love…..

  • "Vizualz adds creativity to our reporting/chart styles and is useful when creating insight stories"

    Richard Clarkson, Head of Strategic Consumer Insights and Segmentation, Orange, UK

  • "Thank you so much for getting the reports done so quickly, it’s made our week so much easier! I was expecting it to take a couple of days!"

    Stephanie Gow, Senior Research Executive, Trinity McQueen, UK

  • “Overall the process was simple and ran very smoothly... E-Tabs have met our expectations of the dashboard as it achieved the objectives required.”

    Chris Dean, Senior Research Executive, Sponsorship Intelligence, UK

  • “Using E-Tabs Enterprise we cut presentation creation time by roughly 70% of what it used to be”

    Laura Pienkowski, Statistical Specialist, The Pert Group, USA

  • "The decks looks so great and I know the team really enjoyed working with E-Tabs. As expected, the work was delivered to us flawlessly, and your team was a pleasure to work with."

    Stefanie Drucker, Senior Director - Client Services, Repucom

  • "Thanks a lot for your support and the quick responses in the past months. As in previous years, it was a pleasure working with you and E-Tabs!"

    Dirk Wouters, Senior Project Director, Market Probe Europe

  • "I just wanted to let you know I’ve had some very positive feedback from the team and want to say a very big thank you for your flexibility and generosity when it comes to this account. I know you are aware how important this account is us and every effort from you and the rest of the E-Tabs team is truly appreciated! The team are always keen to work with E-Tabs – this in itself speaks volumes."

    Project Manager, International Research Firm

  • “E-Tabs has enabled us to take on work that previously would not have been possible due to limited resources”

    Senior Research Executive, Research International, South Africa

  • “Those companies using Enterprise will be able to bid on large-scale projects with shorter timelines, greater margins, and lower total costs than competitors relying on manual reporting techniques. Even the most skilled research companies will have a hard time competing without an automated reporting solution.”

    Jeff Kohl, Research Manager, PeopleMetrics, USA

  • “With each project we automate we are winning. Our people are seeing those successes and definitely feeling their burdens relieved.”

    Meridith Sigel, Senior Project Manager, Market Strategies International

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