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This month, we chat with Elie Tamman, Product Manager for our Online Dashboard Tool, Iris.

Can you tell us a bit about Iris?

Over the past 25 years, we have become the global leaders in automation of PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF reports. Recently, we have seen an increased demand for online and interactive access to survey results. There are many online dashboard platforms, typically built for the BI (Business Intelligence) industry, however, designing and building a Market Research Dashboard with these Bi tools is extremely difficult and cumbersome. This was the driving force behind Iris.

Iris is our dashboarding tool that allows anyone to easily create interactive, online reports using our ground-breaking drag and drop technology. We tailor-made Iris from the ground up for the Market Research Industry. Without the need for any programming, Iris offers single-click statistical testing, low base suppression, weighting, dynamic netting, native handling of multi response data and much more.

What is your role as Iris Product Manager?

In my role as Product Manager I am always liaising with our clients, to ensure that the functionality in Iris is constantly aligned with the unique needs and requirements of Market Research Dashboards. We are always working to make Iris better, and with direction from our clients, I meet daily with our development team to ensure we keep on track with improving Iris. I also work closely with our training and consultancy departments to guarantee smooth on-boarding, training and service work all customised based on our clients projects.

Why Dashboards?

We all know that static PowerPoint reporting still remains king in the Market Research industry, but clients have started asking for more. They want their most current data to be accessible anywhere, anytime. Online Dashboards do just that whilst providing a dynamic way to slice and dice data to reveal more nuggets of insight that may otherwise have remained hidden. Iris, having been designed specifically for the industry, is the obvious choice to take your reports to that next level.

Do you have any tips on making an effective dashboard?

Less is more! A dashboard needs to be easy on the eye, allowing the stakeholders to easily access, and quickly digest the data, using filters to delve into the numbers and glean insights. Data design is key to an effective dashboard. At E-Tabs we also offer an expert data based design service that can take your dashboards to the next level.

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