Vizualz – Coming Soon

E-Tabs Vizualz is a brand-new visualization plugin for PowerPoint that will ensure every market researcher can quickly and easily produce high-impact infographics and visual charting elements, without the need for a graphic designer.

Vizualz is the first of its kind – the only infographic tool designed specifically for market researchers. By empowering researchers to easily build amazing visualizations this not only saves valuable time and money but also ensures insight is delivered with more engagement and impact.

Vizualz Examples

Examples of infographics and charting elements created with Vizualz.

Vizualz combines charts and icons to create a PowerPoint presentation with maximum wow factor, from minimum effort. All visualizations created are fully editable and can be saved for reuse. Plus, Vizualz is completely data-driven, making it simple to change the data behind the infographics.

Vizualz also integrates with our report automation software Enterprise and our instant charting software Graphique, allowing for seamless automation of the creation of your reports, including infographics and non-standard PowerPoint charts.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’d like to add more visual IMPACT to your presentations then fill out the form below to be informed about the upcoming release.

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