Support Hub Takes Off

E-Tabs Support Hub

Back in late September 2015 we launched a new support portal for our software clients called the Support Hub.

Fast forward a few months and it’s been growing ever since with more materials, more visitors and more webinars.

So what is the Support Hub?

Well, the Support Hub provides a central location for all clients to access training resources, documents, manuals & webinars, request software support, submit new feature suggestions, and interact with other E-Tabs software users. It allows easier access to all our resources and helps us better serve our ever expanding client base.

But we would love to see it grow even bigger! That way you have access to a larger community of your peers and the wealth of information, knowledge and skills they possess. Our software can do some amazing things and sometimes it’s our clients showing us some new uses and benefits. So we hope to bring all those wonderful uses, ideas and support network together in the one place.

Therefore if you’re an E-Tabs software user and haven’t explored or contributed to the Support Hub we encourage you to get involved. Market Research reporting can sometimes be a tough nut to crack but through the Support Hub we all have access to hundreds and hundreds of nutcrackers. So why not join in?

You can access the Support Hub here. If you don’t have or don’t know your login details then simply fill out the form below, requesting your Support Hub login details, and we’ll be in touch.


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