E-Tabs Vizualz is here!

This brand-new infographic plugin for PowerPoint helps you to easily produce knock-out reports with maximum impact, from minimum effort.

E-Tabs Vizualz is the first of its kind –  the only data-driven infographic plugin for PowerPoint designed for specifically for you as a market researcher. Developed in response to the continuing industry shift towards creating more visually appealing presentations, Vizualz makes it easy to produce visual elements such as infographics, icons, gauges and word clouds without having to rely on a graphic designer. All visualizations created are fully editable and can be saved for reuse. Plus, Vizualz is completely data-driven, making it simple to change or update the data behind the infographics.

By making the creation of data-driven infographics in PowerPoint extremely quick and easy, Vizualz empowers researchers to achieve the goal of delivering visually-engaging reports that communicate their insight and story more effectively. To see how Vizualz works click here.Vizualz Examples

Furthermore, integration with E-Tabs’ existing automated reporting software allows for the fully automated production of data-driven infographics with Enterprise, or drag-drop creation with Graphique.

To find out how Vizualz can help unleash your inner data designer to produce impactful presentations click here.

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