E-Tabs Take Aim

The folks in our London headquarters recently ditched the hustle and bustle of the city for a spot of fresh air in the English countryside to have a go at archery and laser clay shooting.

The day started off with Archery which took more strength than anticipated. We were trained in how to fire an arrow and had a few practise rounds before the ‘real’ games begun.  Some people took to it straight away getting arrows on the target, while some of us took a few more practises but by the last round we had all got the hang of it.

Then it was on to laser clay shooting. The guns were heavier than expected and to shoot the clay took speed and precision. There were several games with different goals such as being the first to hit the clay or to hit the clay as many times as possible.  Interestingly it wasn’t the same people who excelled in shooting as in archery.

After all the rounds, the points for both activities were counted and Elie Tamman, our Graphique Product Manager, was crowned the proud winner.

As if all that fresh air wasn’t enough, we rounded the day off with a delicious picnic in the lovely Golders Hill Park. Followed by a few games of Frisbee and a wander around the ‘zoo’ consisting of some deer, an ostrich and an owl!

A great day was had by all, and Elie is still beaming with pride. Check out our Facebook page for photos of the fun.

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