E-Tabs Release Next Generation Charting Tool

E-Tabs Release Next Generation Charting Tool   

E-Tabs have completed a major update of Graphique, the instant PowerPoint charting tool for Market Research.

June 2, 2015 – London, UK – E-Tabs, the award winning provider of Market Research data visualization, charting and automated reporting solutions, announce the launch of version 4 of Graphique – the charting tool for ad-hoc market research reporting – with demonstration webinars held throughout June.

The new version of the software benefits from vastly improved usability and is boosted by a number of unique time-saving features such as the ability to conditionally format reports, one-click data refresh, statistical testing of data, and batch production of slides – all within the familiar PowerPoint environment. This means researchers have all the relevant MR charting elements at their fingertips, resulting in faster charting and eliminating the need to ‘copy & paste’ data.

“PowerPoint is still – by far – the leading delivery method for insight reporting, as indicated in the latest Market Research Technology Report”, says Benjamin Rietti, CEO of E-Tabs.  “And so further improving our tools to empower researchers is vital. We broke ground with the release of our natively embedded PowerPoint tool a couple of years ago and this exciting update ensures our clients continue to produce their ad-hoc reports with the utmost ease, efficiency and accuracy.”

Elie Tamman, Product Manager for E-Tabs Graphique added, “We’ve been listening intently to our clients since our initial launch and carefully implemented some important new features. With these latest updates, Graphique really sets the bar for what can be achieved with a simple-to-use and affordable charting tool. ” Demonstration webinars are being held in June with registrations at – http://www.e-tabs.com/graphique-version-4-launch/

About E-Tabs

Since 1993, E-Tabs’ portfolio of innovative market research tools has helped clients slash costs and streamline essential MR reporting processes. Their award-winning ‘Enterprise’ report automation solution enables population of reports directly from data tables, ‘Graphique’ a PowerPoint based ad hoc charting tool, their dynamic ‘Dashboard’ product is designed to deal with the complexities of MR data, and the revolutionary automated table-checking solution, ‘Verify’, checks frequencies, percentages, hole counts and more in minutes while also highlighting suspicious results and pinpointing errors.  See www.e-tabs.com for more information.


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