The E-Tabs Iris Dashboard Platform – Now in Beta Stage!

E-Tabs have a rich insight reporting heritage – we’ve been providing market research with innovative data visualization solutions for over 25 years – and all of this knowledge and experience has been applied to the development of our exciting new Dashboard platform – E-Tabs Iris.

Iris combines cutting-edge graphical display and user-experience with a deep understanding of market research data structures and reporting requirements, enabling richly functional Dashboards to be created in minutes.

We are particularly excited about Iris and how it puts Dashboard creation in the hands of any researcher, while handling all the typical complexities of MR data so swiftly in its stride. We’re thrilled to be entering the beta stage of development and welcome input from any of our existing clients or beyond, so please do get in touch if you would like to participate.

Here are just some of the unique features Iris offers:

• Native handling of aggregated & disaggregated data, significance calculation & display and low base conditions
• Dynamic netting, coding & recoding
• Export to native and editable PowerPoint charts
• Responsive layout for dashboard deployment on any device, including mobiles and tablets
• Built-in UI interface for all functionality, avoiding complex scripting tasks

If you’d like to stay informed with Iris updates please complete the form below. Or, if you are interested in joining our beta test programme please click here. We’d love to hear from you!

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