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  • Hans Rosling ‘The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen’

    The world received some sad news this month with the passing of the wonderful statistician and data visualizer, Hans Rosling. In his honour our video of the month is his famous first TED talk “The… read more
  • Virtual Reality, Actual Pain

    Just like the rest of the world market research is also getting excited about the possibilities of virtual reality. From online focus groups and web interviews, to virtual shopping, there are a number of ways… read more
  • If 100 People Lived on Earth

    There are a lot of people on this Earth… Around 7.4 billion in fact. That’s pretty mind boggling! This video breaks down key statistics into numbers we can understand. Based on 100 people living on… read more
  • Music Animated

    A new way to enjoy classical music. We’ve previously talked about dataviz for the visually impaired; well now we’ve found an animation that may help the hearing impaired enjoy music. This video is an animated… read more
  • Clever Crow

    We’re rather fond of clever animals here at E-Tabs, as you may have guessed from our technically-inclined and adorable DataViz animals. So this super smart crow certainly caught our eye. The wild crow, nicknamed ‘007’,… read more
  • Super Mario Spreadsheet Brothers

    We thought we were Excel whizzes until we saw this… Super Mario Bros video game – in a spreadsheet! Yep you read that right. Someone has re-created the first level of Super Mario in a… read more
  • Cylinder Optical Illusion

    We often talk about the important of visuals in communication. But what if you can’t trust what it is you’re seeing? This video ‘Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion’ by Kokichi Sugihara shows that what you see might… read more
  • Virtual Reality Painting

    Painting on a canvas is so 20th century… Welcome to the future of painting – in virtual reality. Tilt Brush, Google’s new tool, lets users paint in an immersive 3D space. Create 3D versions of… read more
  • Viz-Pong

    This isn’t any ordinary ping pong table; this ping pong table has real-time data visualization to help player performance. By logging in with their racket, each player’s dashboard is projected onto their side of the… read more
  • Mind-blowing magnets!

    We love new technology. So for this video of the month we’ve got a potential game-changer! The video shows us a manufacturing leap in magnets – printable magnets! Using a machine that looks like a… read more

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