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  • The Future is Here!

      Augmented reality wearables are becoming a reality now – Keiichi Matsuda, VP of design at Leap Motion, has been putting out teaser videos of their AR capabilities on Twitter, and we’re definitely impressed. Check… read more
  • Visual Illusions

    With the upcoming release of E-Tabs Vizualz – the only data-driven infographic tool designed for market researchers – it got us thinking about clever visuals in general. As such, we stumbled across this video which… read more
  • When Excel Meets Art

    This resourceful retiree harnesses the full capabilities of Microsoft Excel to create works of art that blew us away! Tatsuo Horiuchi is a 77 year old who took up painting in Excel when he retired… read more
  • This Dad Turned His Son into an Action Movie Star!

    Daniel Hashimoto created a series called ‘Action Movie Kid’, using the power of animation to transform his son James’ everyday experiences into epic adventures. From saving his sister from shark-infested waters, to navigating a boat… read more
  • How Deep Humans Have Dug

    Think humans have dug pretty deep? The journey to the centre of the earth is further than you might think. It hard to imagine but this awesome animation visualises it perfectly. Check it out here.… read more
  • The Army of Ants

    For the final instalment of our animal videos we have the ant. Our data viz ant represents simplicity but as this video shows whilst they are simple as individuals, when they work as a team… read more
  • Four Wise Owls

    For the third installment of our animal videos we have the owl. Owls are known for their wisdom, which is why our adorable E-Tabs owl represents knowledge. We’ve been innovating for the research industry since… read more
  • The Flexibility of the Octopus

    Following on from last month’s video on the speed of the cheetah, this month we’re featuring another of our data viz animals – the octopus. Our data viz octopus represents flexibility. As everyone knows an… read more
  • Think You Can Outrun a Cheetah?

    A Cheetah is one of our dataviz animals so naturally we were drawn to this video. The video demonstrates the cheetah’s incredible speed. It’s the fastest land animal, reaching speeds of 75mph; hence why our… read more
  • Musical Marble Machine

    What do you get when you cross two thousand marbles, clever engineering and a musician? An incredible music machine of course! The epic machine took fourteen months to be hand made by musician Martin Molin,… read more

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