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  • The Fastest Animals in the World

    Cheetahs are known for their speed, just like our software! These big cats are able to reach speeds of up to 75 mph, making them the fastest land animals. However, it’s nothing compared to the… read more
  • NASA is Flying A Spacecraft to The Sun For The First Time

    NASA will be sending its spacecraft, Parker Solar Probe, to the sun for the first time! See how close the spacecraft will get to the sun through great visualizations. The Parker Solar Probe will be… read more
  • How Earth Will Look In 250 Million Years

    The movement of tectonic plates will alter the positioning of Earths Continents. Through great visuals, see how the Earth will look in 250 million years’ time! Earth’s outer shell is split into numerous plates that… read more
  • Maps reveal hidden truths of the world’s cities

    Data scientist, Dr. Robert Muggah who has been working on the risks facing cities for the past decade, shows us some maps from the recently launched website EarthTime. EarthTime allows individuals to see how the… read more
  • Collaborative Journaling with Postcards & Visualizations

    Two designers living across the world decided to share weekly snapshots of their personal lives with each other, through sending postcards with hand-drawn visualizations. For a whole year, information designer Giorgia Lupi and data illustrator … read more
  • The Upper Lower Middle Class Life of Homer Simpson

    Good old Homer Simpson has apparently had 191 jobs in 27 seasons (and counting)! That’s if you include titles like fortune cookie writer, the grim reaper, or beer smuggler. In this video his self-proclaimed ‘upper… read more
  • The Future is Here!

      Augmented reality wearables are becoming a reality now – Keiichi Matsuda, VP of design at Leap Motion, has been putting out teaser videos of their AR capabilities on Twitter, and we’re definitely impressed. Check… read more
  • Visual Illusions

    With the upcoming release of E-Tabs Vizualz – the only data-driven infographic tool designed for market researchers – it got us thinking about clever visuals in general. As such, we stumbled across this video which… read more
  • When Excel Meets Art

    This resourceful retiree harnesses the full capabilities of Microsoft Excel to create works of art that blew us away! Tatsuo Horiuchi is a 77 year old who took up painting in Excel when he retired… read more
  • This Dad Turned His Son into an Action Movie Star!

    Daniel Hashimoto created a series called ‘Action Movie Kid’, using the power of animation to transform his son James’ everyday experiences into epic adventures. From saving his sister from shark-infested waters, to navigating a boat… read more

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