• Spotlight on Consultancy

    This month we’re chatting with Russ Budden, Head of Consultancy. Tell us a bit about E-Tabs Consultancy and what you do? Russ Budden – Head Of Consultancy First and foremost, we are here to help.… read more
  • When Excel Meets Art

    This resourceful retiree harnesses the full capabilities of Microsoft Excel to create works of art that blew us away! Tatsuo Horiuchi is a 77 year old who took up painting in Excel when he retired in 2000. His Excel-lent use… read more
  • Quirks West 2018 Summary

    We had a great time at Quirks West in Orange County this January. Our booth was the place to be, with our designated beverage station keeping everyone hydrated and / or caffeinated. People crowded our booth to test their accuracy… read more
  • Quirks 2018

    It’s not long to go till the first event of the year and we can’t wait! Quirks events have quickly become THE EVENT for market research in the USA. And it is now fully established from coast-to-coast with events in… read more
  • This Dad Turned His Son into an Action Movie Star!

    Daniel Hashimoto created a series called ‘Action Movie Kid’, using the power of animation to transform his son James’ everyday experiences into epic adventures. From saving his sister from shark-infested waters, to navigating a boat through a treacherous storm, to… read more
  • Relief from the Reporting Silly Season

    With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the rush to get projects completed and sent to clients by year-end is here. The extra pressure in this period does bring with it resourcing challenges and can lead companies to consider… read more
  • Spotlight on Bureau Reporting Service

    This month we’re chatting with Jon Hackenbroch, Head of the Bureau Reporting Service, about insight reporting and automation. Jon Hackenbroch – Head of Bureau Reporting Service Firstly, tell us a bit about the Bureau Reporting Service and what it is… read more
  • How Deep Humans Have Dug

    Think humans have dug pretty deep? The journey to the centre of the earth is further than you might think. It hard to imagine but this awesome animation visualises it perfectly. Check it out here.… read more
  • Missed Viz-Fest 2017?

    Earlier this month was the third annual Viz-Fest digital conference. David Glickman – All about icons With over two and a half thousand registrations, Viz-Fest is as popular as ever. The four-day webinar series on data visualization and communication of… read more
  • The Army of Ants

    For the final instalment of our animal videos we have the ant. Our data viz ant represents simplicity but as this video shows whilst they are simple as individuals, when they work as a team they are extremely powerful. Just… read more

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