• Collaborative Journaling with Postcards & Visualizations

    Two designers living across the world decided to share weekly snapshots of their personal lives with each other, through sending postcards with hand-drawn visualizations. For a whole year, information designer Giorgia Lupi and data illustrator … read more
  • E-Tabs Gone Wild

    No, not that kind of wild – we went into the wilderness to learn bushcraft, and get back in tune with nature. We were led by a bushcraft master and went foraging, learned firecraft, and baked bread on the fires… read more
  • E-Tabs Vizualz is here!

    This brand-new infographic plugin for PowerPoint helps you to easily produce knock-out reports with maximum impact, from minimum effort. E-Tabs Vizualz is the first of its kind –  the only data-driven infographic plugin for PowerPoint designed for specifically for you… read more
  • E-Tabs Launch Revolutionary Infographic Tool for Market Research

    E-Tabs launch Vizualz, a revolutionary market research infographic plugin for PowerPoint. May 24, 2018 – London, UK – E-Tabs, the award-winning provider of market research data visualization and automated reporting solutions, announces the launch of their new infographic plugin, E-Tabs… read more
  • The Upper Lower Middle Class Life of Homer Simpson

    Good old Homer Simpson has apparently had 191 jobs in 27 seasons (and counting)! That’s if you include titles like fortune cookie writer, the grim reaper, or beer smuggler. In this video his self-proclaimed ‘upper lower middle class’ status is… read more
  • Spotlight on Dashboard Service

    This month we’re chatting to Sanford Busse, Associate Director of Data Visualization. What does the Dashboard Service team do, and what’s your role within it? The Dashboard Service team provides online dashboards that are bespoke and responsive to the needs… read more
  • The Future is Here!

      Augmented reality wearables are becoming a reality now – Keiichi Matsuda, VP of design at Leap Motion, has been putting out teaser videos of their AR capabilities on Twitter, and we’re definitely impressed. Check out the amazing hand tracking… read more
  • Vizualz – Coming Soon

    E-Tabs Vizualz is a brand-new visualization plugin for PowerPoint that will ensure every market researcher can quickly and easily produce high-impact infographics and visual charting elements, without the need for a graphic designer. Vizualz is the first of its kind… read more
  • Visual Illusions

    With the upcoming release of E-Tabs Vizualz – the only data-driven infographic tool designed for market researchers – it got us thinking about clever visuals in general. As such, we stumbled across this video which shows some very impressive visuals.… read more
  • Insight Show 2018 Summary

    The Insight Show was a busy two days for us here at E-Tabs. There was a huge number of attendees (apparently up by 8% compared to last year!), and it was exciting to see a younger crowd this year, and… read more

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