E-Tabs Partnerships

The E-Tabs suite of solutions is data agnostic; meaning we can work with datasets and outputs from any analysis or tabulation package. However, we have strategic partnerships with a number of industry innovators which takes the integration of our products and services a step further. These include:


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From survey design through to analysis, the Askia platform provides a very rich and comprehensive platform for market research. For several years Askia Vista has supported a streamlined output format directly compatible to the E-Tabs suite of solutions to ensure a smoother data transfer and reporting experience. This partnership continues with the joint development of the E-Tabs Iris dashboard platform, which will have a direct API link with Askia Vista.


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w3dl provides really cool “data-centric” services to the MR industry. Their services include outstanding, agile data collection and Data Processing services.  They love data challenges and are adept at making sense of unorthodox or even ‘big data’ datasets.  We Work With Data integrate E-Tabs charting and report automation solutions with their client offerings, and partner with us on a number of joint projects.


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Merlinco develops and supports a range of software packages used for survey design, data collection and analysis, by agencies, consultancies and end users throughout the world. The strategic with E-Tabs partnership allows market researchers to perform their survey data processing in Merlinco’s MERLIN survey tabulation system and export the results directly into E-Tabs’ suite of reporting tools for instant charting and full report automation. This combination of tools provides users with a very powerful and flexible analysis and reporting platform.

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