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  • Design Beauty

    Whilst a great love comes in the form of data-based design we’re also rather partial to any innovative design and multi-media.  Which is why this amazing project came to our attention. It is a browser-based… read more
  • Data-V vs Jay-Z

    Any data visualization that can combine Shakespeare, Moby Dick and Snoop Dog is OK in our book. And this data visualization does just that by looking at the vocabulary of current and past hip hop… read more
  • Data visual humour

    The lighter side of charts The creative duo known as Wumo have created a cute series of charts that illustrate some of the basic painful truths of everyday life in the Western world. The visualizations… read more
  • Welcome to the E-Tabs DV Blog

    Welcome to the first of what we hope will be engaging and informative blog entries about Data Visualization design, Dashboards and Charting & Automated Reporting – or dataviz, as we’ll mostly refer to it. You’re… read more

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