This Dataviz proves ‘No Diggity’ is a timeless classic.

At E-Tabs we love Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’.

Twenty years have passed since its release but it certainly hasn’t been forgotten. We always thought it was a timeless classic, but now we’ve found the data to prove it!

This dataviz from Polygraph ranks the most played songs on Spotify to measure the popularity of music from days gone by. According to this data, ‘No Diggity’ is the 5th most played song from the nineties.

You may be surprised what other songs have been remembered, it’s not always the ones you’d expect. If you don’t recognise a song, you can click on the icon to hear a clip.

Matt Daniels, from Polygraph, also uses the data for a 90’s rap comparison, including the Biggie or Tupac debate. He then goes on to use the Spotify data to predict how the hits from 2013 will fare in the long-term.

Check out his findings here.


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