New York 1866 vs Now

Compare 1866 New York to now with this interactive map.

New York has come a long way in almost 150 years. It’s hard to imagine the city as anything other than a concrete jungle, but this interactive map helps.

This visulaization allows you to compare a map of New York in 1866 to the present day New York. Hover the viewing pane over part of New York to see what that section was like in 1866. Or you can switch views and see it the other way round!

It shows how much New York has grown. Past 14th street is mostly countryside and parts aren’t on the map at all in 1866!

The map is from a map collection by David Rumsey, a map expert who has been collecting maps since the 1980’s. His personal map collection is one of the largest private collections in The United States, consisting of over 150,000 maps.

Check out the map here.


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