New additions to Enterprise

At E-Tabs, we pride ourselves on innovating our software to ensure faster turnaround and increased profitability for our clients. With that in mind, we have added some really cool new features to our industry-leading report automation software, Enterprise. Rob Gravestock, Associate Director of Bureau, takes us through the new additions to Enterprise.

New Calculation Wizard 

This interactive wizard now has more functionality, including the ability to incorporate significance testing and if/hook clauses. The new look calculation wizard now adopts a drag and drop option, combined with a new colour tile system to visually aid with building the right calculation. The new calculation feature ensures users will save time with the slick new layout making it easier for users to create calculations.














OLI has an increased number of options

OLI stands for “Option: Load Image”, with this option tag, the user can place ^OLI=#^ in a text box or table cell to load in a jpg, png etc into the template. This video explains in more detail!

Calculation Preview and Favourites

We haven’t stopped there, we also have a new calculation preview and favourites option, as well as improvements to the main wizards.

The calculation preview allows the user to interact with a PowerPoint object. The data within the object is transferred to a grid and the user can then build or amend a calculation whilst seeing the live results. More information in the video below.

Calculation Preview

Calculation Favourites

The favorites option allows users to save time as they will now be able to re-use the same calculation in other projects. For more information, have a watch of the video below!

If you would like to speak to someone about the new features we have added or would like more information on report automation, please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

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