Missed Viz-Fest 2017?

Earlier this month was the third annual Viz-Fest digital conference.

David Glickman

David Glickman – All about icons

With over two and a half thousand registrations, Viz-Fest is as popular as ever. The four-day webinar series on data visualization and communication of insights went down a storm.

We had our very own Dashboard Implementation Consultant, David Glickman, discussing all you need to know about icons; including how to find the right icons without violating copyright. David discussed ways to source, edit and utilise icons for presentations to help boost the visual and professional appearance.


Bruce Krulwich

Bruce Krulwich – Easy Visualization of Market Research Data

Viz-Fest also saw Bruce Krulwich, our Principle Lead of the Dashboard Platform Development team up with our friends Askia in a quest to find the dataviz holy grail in the presentation – Easy Visualization of Market Research Data – The Quest for the Holy Grail.

Missed it? Don’t worry! You can watch the recordings by visiting the Viz-Fest website here.


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