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Data visualization as we all know is a way of presenting data in an easily digestible way.

But it usually exists in its own realm; in a spreadsheet, as part of a dashboard, in an infographic and so forth. But data is meant to be understood, to create meaning and facilitate decisions, actions and change. That’s why it is so often presented by people, explained and coupled with information to help create the intended meaning. But even if the visualization is being presented by somebody it still exists in it’s own realm; we, as presenters just refer to it in that location.

However could that soon be a thing of the past? Could we see presenters and visualizations exist in the same space?

We recently came across a little show-real demonstrating the combination of live presentation and infographic style data visualization. What an interesting thought for market research. Could we soon see researcher’s delivering their findings virtually in the style below? We are constantly on a quest to be more interactive with our data. What if our human presentation actions were these data interactions?

Can you see where we’re going with this? That’s right, the future!

Video by Room4Media and can be found on Vimeo here.


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