Dear PowerPoint,

PowerPoint often gets a lot of criticism but who is to blame for poor presentations?

Chris Donaldson from Kantar Health has some interesting points about the use of the Microsoft charting workhorse in market research. All expressed in the form of an amusing break-up letter.

He states that everyone in Market Research has wanted to leave PowerPoint at some point but says we’re being too hasty!

Chris argues that PowerPoint is often misused (aww poor PowerPoint!) and bad presentations are due to users rather than the software itself. PowerPoint should be used as a visual aid to make presentations engaging, not a display of your script.

We think he makes some good points as to why we shouldn’t give up on PowerPoint just yet! The latest Annual market Research Technology Report seems to agree, stating “Microsoft PowerPoint is the leading delivery method – by far – and no sign that this will change”.

Plus we have integrated PowerPoint solutions to help make you’re charting even easier.

Read the article here and see what you think.




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